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My name is Katarina. Welcome to my website “Call of Beauty”, which means my fulfilled dream, and living with passion, joy and a smile ☺. All services I offer are based on my interests, experience, my need for self-realization, and the solution I discovered to treat my health issues. I believe that only what I have tried myself, I can recommend and share with the same positive energy with my clients.

My journey has been curvy… in the past I used to travel a lot around the world, long haul flights, jet lags, stress, inconsistent nutritional patterns, which I could not influence, have led to health problems and a burnout. That’s why I started looking for something that would help me put my metabolism, body weight and overall health including my mental state, back to normal. I did not want to live in a swollen body where the lymphatic system did not work properly; I did not want to live with food intolerances where symptoms started to appear on me. I was constantly tired, without energy and joy in life. I was not in harmony with myself – I felt like I was living in a foreign body. I am Biochemical Science graduate, so I know very well how food and nutrition affect our hormones, enzyme excretion, energy level, thus our mental state…

Finally, I found what I was looking for with the metabolic balance® method. Even when crises came, I felt relief and health improvement even after a very short time on the metabolic balance® diet. I know that the metabolic balance® is a real commitment, a total change of mindset and lifestyle. It’s a long track run… That’s why I want to offer this great diet system as a nutritional coaching program and not just sent my client home with a new food plan, but also coach, provide mental support in crises, motivate to achieve goals, advise appropriate food sources with their combinations, recipe inspirations, teach to read the food labels and understand the basic principles of healthy cooking.

Excellent support for the metabolic balance® diet and healthy lifestyle are also the Body Wraps® that detoxify the body, enhance both the lymphatic system and the metabolism, and gently remove excess water from body.

As a woman, I always enjoyed beauty products and fashion. As a student I had a part-time job working with cosmetics. I helped dress my friends for various occasions, until someone actually suggested to me that to start charging for it . And I considered this idea and spent my spare time and energy on studying image-making, fashion history, fashion etiquette and method Octo codes. I am convinced that there is a unique tailor-made style for everyone; a style which will promote your inner radiance and self-confidence, and will highlight the best from you, thus allowing you to feel great in your body. In my own experience, once I achieved this, everything in life became a bit easier .


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