Beauty Coaching

Skin analysis by S.A.M. and consultation

S.A.M. helps you know your skin, its type and all the problems that are invisible for first sight. According to S.A.M. analysis I can recommend you which type of cosmetic products is best suited to your skin with an emphasis on problem solving (clogged pores, inflammation, irritation, UV damage, pigment spots, wrinkles, dry or oily areas …)

Dermasonic skin treatment

Dermasonic device comes with two detachable heads: Ultrasonic Blade and Derma Ion Galvanic head.

Ultrasonic blade produces ultrasonic vibrations that create bubble jets which penetrate deep into skin’s pores to cleanse blackheads, make-up residue and waste.

Derma Ion Galvanic stimulates and massages the skin at a micro-level to achieve a great penetration of the Artistry products.

There are 5 modes of Derma Ion Galvanic available:

  1. Lift mode for lifting
  2. Wrinkle mode for anti-wrinkle
  3. Vitamin C mode for enhanced penetration of active ingredients of vitamin C
  4. Hydrate mode for increased skin moisture
  5. Radiant mode for improved skin tone

Ayurvedic facial massage 20 mins

The effects of massage: relaxing, anti-wrinkle, stimulating, strengthening and nourishing. Natural oils according to the type of complexion are used for massage.

Make up for a specific occasion

wedding, job interview, date, business meeting, working dress code make up

Self make up course

Step by step course how to make yourself make up for any occasion as you wish (daily make up, evening make up, wedding, party, cocktail, job interview, romantic date, business meeting, working dress code make up…), recommend you top beauty products and various tips and tricks from make up artists.

Lash Lift with keratin

It is a method of eyelash treatment, which is gentle and suitable for all types of eyelashes (short, long, thin or thick), even for sensitive eyes. It is perfect option for women who want to have a dramatic and deep look, but they are not comfortable with artificial lashes. In this procedure, lashes are gently lifted, your eyes looks optically bigger and brighter. All applied sera are gentle to eyes and eyelashes. Last serum contains also keratin and vitamins to strengthen and nourish your lashes . Part of the procedure is also a semi-permanent coating, which makes your lashes denser and darker. Effect lasts 4 – 6 weeks.

Lash lifting is a perfect solution for natural looking day-to-day makeup. next 24 hours after the procedure, take care your eyelashes will be not in  contact with water, and after 24 hours you can wear also mascara for more dramatic look. Feel free to use any eye makeup remover, go to swimming pool or sauna. 

Price list

1 service30 EUR