Body Wraps®

Body Wraps® are bandage compression body wraps from natural extracts that are the result of 20 years of research in Florida. They are suitable both for women and men who care for themselves, need to tune a few centimeters in critical body areas, remove excess water and toxins from the body, accelerate metabolism and the lymphatic system, get rid of swelling or support healthy lifestyles.

Body Wraps® Slim

  • accelerates metabolism and helps weight loss
  • removing excess water from the body and reducing swelling
  • better digestion, regular stools, removal of the feeling of the inflamed belly
  • helps mothers return to their original body after gave birth
  • detoxification of the body, reduction of fatigue, strengthening of the immune system and supply of energy
  • contains vitamins and minerals, softens and heals the skin
  • 100% natural dermatologically tested product
  • ideal support for healthy lifestyle, for perfect results together with metabolic balance® method


Before wrapping: no body cream, lotion or oil 1 day before wrapping, do not eat 2 hours before, no sport on that day and it is good to make a non-oil peeling evening before wrapping.

In the salon: The cure lasts 90 minutes. I will prepare you cup of Body Wraps TEA and explain what will follow ☺ I will measure your body areas and start the procedure. Then I will explain how to properly breathe and activate the internal lymphatic system, unlock your lymph nodes and we can begin ☺ Bandages will be soaked in a special 100% natural dermatologically tested Body Wraps® mixture bath and will be bound in the direction of the lymph flow. Then you will practice 15 to 20 minutes light exercise to heat the body and after that 30 minutes relax. Finally, I will measure the same body areas and compare the results. You’ll get one package of Body Wraps TEA detoxifying tea as a gift to each treatment and to support the best results.

After wrap (for the best results):

  • no shower next 24 hours
  • drink 2 – 3 liters of water a day
  • 3 x daily (before each meal) drink the cup of Body Wraps TEA
  • measure on the second day and then again in four days
  • no alcohol, smoke and reduce sugar
  • keep healthy lifestyle
  • it is recommended to repeat the procedure within 7 – 10 days


  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • infectious disease, open wounds, acute viral, bacterial and oncological diseases
  • after serious illness, after surgery, in hormonal disorders, please consult with your medical doctor

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Price list

1. cure58 Euro
2. cure54 Euro
3. cure50 Euro
4. cure46 Euro
5. cure42 Euro
6. cure38 Euro


3 x cure154 Euro
6 x cure269 Euro
10 x cure416 Euro
  • The next cure must be completed within 10 days of the previous BW.