Metabolic Balance®

metabolic balance® is a nutrition program developed to bring the biochemical and hormonal balance of the body.

This unique method comes from Germany. Medical doctors and biochemists have been involved in its research for more than 20 years. They have quantified laboratory blood results and physiological parameters of a large number of real patients and developed this unique program.

According to the patient’s data (male / female, age, height, weight, body circumference, detailed biochemical laboratory results from the blood sample), tailor-made meals are created for a particular person. The daily menu is unique based on your metabolic and hormonal activity calculated from above mentioned parameters.

Me, as a metabolic balance® nutritional coach, will guide you throughout the duration of your metabolic balance® program. I will explain in detail all phases and answer all your questions. I will coach you and motivate in order to achieve your results. Keep in mind that everything is about your mind set. Therefore, I recommend that you to start with the metabolic balance® program only after consideration of your goals, motivation and above all it must be your decision. It is also very beneficial if you find a partner you are joining together. Mutual support and motivation is a powerful stimulant to successfully achieve your goals.

The Metabolic balance® method is based on 4 phases:

  1. Phase – takes 2 days, the goal is to prepare and reset the digestive system to change of your metabolism.
  2. Phase – lasts min. 14 days or until you reach your ideal weight. Here you need watch your metabolic balance® plan and keep water regime. You will be rewarded with a decrease in weight and an increase in energy and vitality.
  3. Phase – new foods will be added to your diet, you can increase their amount and your metabolism will adapt to new conditions.
  4. Phase – final phase, when you achieve all your goals, ideal weight, and improved health. Keep in mind that only a stabile changes in your lifestyle will keep the results.

Your results after program

Weight control

Only real meals prepared from natural sources, without additives, artificial weight loss cocktails, or weight loss tablets will keep your optimal weight and health body. “Yo-yo effect” known in all diets like fast weight loss and gain of kilograms back, does not appear here. Once you adjusted eating habits and keep the basic rules of metabolic balance®, you remain at your ideal weight.

Vitality and performance

Change of your dietary habits according to metabolic balance® generally increases physical and mental health. It leads to a vital and healthy body, to increasing mental and physical performance, increased concentration ability and better emotional balance. The feeling of overall strength comes after a few days. Fatigue or digesting problems will replace energy and vitality. Appropriate physical movement also improves metabolic processes.

Perfect skin and complexion condition

Especially women are afraid of loose skin or wrinkles after slimming, but don´t worry about that. In the metabolic balance® the loss of weight is from fat stores, not from muscles or tissues. The skin remains firm and toned.


The reason why most of the industrially processed food is addictive is, that they contain a hump of sugar. Food containing sugar causes a rapid increase of blood sugar. This increase in blood sugar releases a large amount of insulin, which causes the blood sugar rapidly falls, making you feel tiny, tired, lethargic, and you will ask for more sugar to re-kick. The reason why foods full of sugar are so addictive is, that when our blood sugar level increases, our brain secretes the serotonin hormone. It’s a “hormone of luck”, and when our sugar level falls again, our body demands it more through another dose of sugar. metabolic balance® method helps us to get rid of sugar dependence in a natural way – by eating meals made from fresh natural ingredients.

More information and my consultant’s certificate you can find here

Price list

Complex program 1 person330 € *
Complex program 2 persons (price per person)315 € *
Complex program 3-4 persons per group (price per person)300 € *
  • The price does not include laboratory blood sampling and analysis. Laboratory blood sample analysis 50 €.
  • Before entering the program, the client will receive the General Business Terms.

What awaits you

  1. Consultation: Entrance consultation with body composition measurement
  2. Consultation: Presentation and explanation of your individual nutrition plan
  3. – 10. Consultation: 8 control consultations with body composition measurement
  • Personal consultations can be combined with online, mail or telephone consultations.
  • Each consultation takes 60 minutes.